Our vision is leveraging traditional claim related services with forward thinking process models across all our businesses. Choice’s clientele includes nationaland regional carriers and government agencies. Our professional resources are strategically located across the contiguous U.S., and we are constantly growing our resource footprint in the markets we serve. We have worked virtually every major catastrophe since our founding in 2012, and have a strong daily claims operation, as well as, a full-service liability department.


"What I always enjoyed and appreciated from Choice was the PERSONAL TOUCH from a large firm. We benefited from your size, reach, and ability to obtain QUALITY ADJUSTERS, but I always had a direct line to someone and what I asked for got done. Period. I didn't have to go back and ask 2 or 3 more times like with the bigger firms. I NEVER FELT LOST with Choice and always FELT LIKE I WAS THIER BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT CLIENT."

– SVP of Claims A+ Rated Property and Casualty Carrier


CLARA™ is our end-to-end, unified TPA CLAIMS platform that ties insurance risk, safety, and compliance all together to deliver our clients an innovative cloud – based solution. Our TPA claims process with CLARA™ centralizes managing workflows, leveraging analytics, and engaging stakeholders while delivering the best claims experience that’s secure, fast, reliable, and scaleable.


"We have had an excellent relationship with Choice TPA over the years and much appreciation for the SIGNIFICANT VALUE ADDED through the retention of Choice as our third-party administrator. While some of Choice TPA clients may choose to take a less participatory role in claims management, we find that we achieve more expedient and COST-EFFECTIVE RESULTS by working together with Choice TPA as a team. Throughout our experience, CHOICE TPA HAS BEEN HIGHLY FLEXIBLE in this regard, working with us to establish an arrangement with a view to our interests."

– VP Deputy and General Counsel Risk Management Self Insured Client

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Choice TPA on many occasions. Choice TPA not only has always been the consummate professional organization, but they are also always prepared, diligent, and dedicated. Choice has always been instrumental in facilitating the resolutions we have successfully achieved. Choice TPA are truly experts in their field.

— Attorney and General Counsel Risk Management Self-Insured Client


Choice Sector provides professional personnel and management solutions for damage assessments, QA reviews, case management, and construction management. We do this in support of large-scale Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-DR, HMGP, HQS ) and other related government funded programs.


"We’ve developed a great relationship with Choice Sector on multiple CDBG-DR state programs as a result of their consistent QUALITY, EFFICIENCY, and RELIABILITY. They’ve been able to provide us with the specialized resources and scalability needed to meet our project demands through different phases and changing needs. I’ve always appreciated their willingness to QUICKLY ADAPT to changes and their PROACTIVE APPROACH to training their teams on updated procedures. While Disaster Recovery programs can last for several years, Choice maintains a PARTNER STYLE MANAGEMENT approach to work through challenges, RESOLVE ISSUES, and implement solutions for overall success; the recovery funding for homeowners. Choice Sector has been a true asset partner and we look forward to a future together in the disaster recovery industry.”

— Multiple statewide government CDBG-DR long-term recovery Programs Manager