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Government Response

Government Response Experience

Paul Whitmore, President

Paul Whitmore is the President of Choice Sector, LLC. Paul has been in the industry for 14 years including working on both the Insurance Carrier and Independent adjusting space. Paul brings his 10+ years’ experience of managing large scale Catastrophe events to the Government Disaster Relief space. In past positions, Paul oversaw the inside and outside operations on 50,000+ Daily and Catastrophic claims yearly. His experience includes direct oversight of 20,000+ claims during Hurricane Irene and Sandy.

John Goforth, Director

With over 25 years’ experience in the claims industry, John Goforth has managed and lead several government grant programs throughout the United States. John has over 18 years’ experience as a claim manager with the last 6 years managing large supported catastrophe claims. Additional experience includes New York Rising Program, ReNew Jersey Stronger Program and BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Benefit Helping to put the pieces back together

Scope of Work

Helping to put the pieces back together

Program Administration/Management

Effective planning, organizing, staffing, managing, technology implementation and program control.

Property Damage Inspections

Residential and commercial property damage verification; estimation of repairs and replacements in accordance with HUB standards.

Call Center and Document Processing

Centralized intake, information dissemination, secure applicant/claimant data collection, reporting and analytics.

Data Management & Process Improvement

Data warehousing, process documentation and improvement and web based workflow tools.

Key Benefits

Choice Solutions provides a partnership to secure government housing management services to assist state and local governments with both emergency response and long term recovery activities.

Choice’s management team has proven performance capacity in providing staffing solutions and services for Housing and Urban Development regulated and state run Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) disaster recovery housing programs and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs.

Choice understands the importance of our role in the administration of a disaster recovery program and the transparency required to ensure that those being assisted receive a professional, efficient and effective delivery of service.


New – York rising program

Managed staffing for over 12,000 damaged assessments. Helped create and manage Quality Control programs.


Managed staffing for over 5,000 damage assessments. Managed staffing for over 10,000 written estimates


Managed staffing for over 32 field managers and over 900 field staff. Helped establish and maintain guideline for BP

Baton Rouge

Deployed and trained 30+ damage assessors across Louisiana. Staffed and trained QC positions within our Partner Client’s offices.


Choice Sector

Choice Government Response Team provides staffing solutions for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulated and state run Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) disaster recovery housing programs and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs.

Dynamically Leading programs by providing personnel for:

  • Large loss inspections
  • Final inspections
  • Call center
  • Scheduling
  • Initial site inspections
  • Scope processing
  • Data Entry