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By Paul Whitmore, Chief Operating Officer


The global pandemic continued to challenge all of us in 2021. Our entire workforce continues to operate remotely, and we didn’t miss a beat. We continue to rely on technology to make us efficient and work through the many challenges we face.  To say the least, 2021 tested our team and resources — and we were able to turn obstacles into opportunities.


We were able to build our team’s comraderies by leaning into our core values and principles. We continue to be amazed by our people here at Choice. Each and every Chase employee has remained dedicated to serving our customers and delivering exceptional service.

The end of 2021 stands as a milestone for Choice. We continue to have teams working remotely across the country, including Puerto Rico. This past year, we experienced tremendous growth operationally, having handled thousands of CAT claims for Hurricane Ida and the Texas winter storms. In 2021, we continued our growth by investing in key hires across our businesses. We’ve evolved our training programs to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients, all while preparing our teams for the “new normal” in a post-pandemic world.

2021 Reflections:

A special thank you to our employees, our adjusters, and the entire Choice community for coming together this year. As we transition into 2022, we’re excited for the challenges that we’ll face. In our ongoing drive for superior efficiency, we’re training and preparing our people to remain hyper-focused on delivering quality customer service experiences. We’re also perfecting and implementing ever-evolving technologies.

  • Our People: Without our talented adjusters and employees, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the quality that our clients expect of us. We will continue to invest in our people, building even more on our learnings with our collaborative teamwork.


  • Appreciation: We’re extremely appreciative of our clients, adjusters, and employees. Every year brings more unforeseen events due to global warming. Our Catastrophe response teams are constantly preparing and adapting to what our clients and policy holders will be faced with. We like to think of ourselves as the First Responders to Property Damage. Our team at Choice is ready to quickly, efficiently, compassionately, and effectively assist policyholders after a loss. We greatly appreciate our adjusters and employees’ efforts — their dedication, passion, and commitment have made our company what it is today.

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